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Diamond Shapes



Asscher Shape

Diamonds are perfect for any special occasion, and if it is an engagement or wedding, they are an absolute necessity. Wedding shopping is usually done with a lot passion and fervor. Shopping for diamond rings can also be done with great passion, by knowing all the details about the 4C’s of diamonds, and their shapes. You might store your wedding trousseau, you may even pass it on to the next generation, but the diamond will be with you forever.

Diamond shapes are unique and influence the overall appearance to a great extent. If you are out shopping for the best engagement ring for your bride to be, do you know what attributes make the perfect cut and shine? Read on to learn about the different diamond shapes and how they can impress her. Each shape is governed by its unique characteristics carved by a passionate diamond cutter to create whimsical and enchanting beauty.



Round Brilliant Diamond Cut

Round Brilliant

This is one of the most sought after diamond shapes. Round brilliant shape brings out the maximum fire and brilliance. It has a 58-facet cut on the crown, girdle and pavilion. The precise formula balances the cut, clarity and color of the diamond and is considered a standard for all the other diamond shapes.



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This shape is similar to the emerald cut, but in a square. It is also known as a square emerald that has a step cut with cropped corners and looks like an octagon. Asscher diamond shapes are clear, shiny and bright. You can showcase an antique vintage look with this striking and dramatic shape.



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Oval shape diamond



The oval shape of a diamond suits women with small hands or fingers. The elongated perfect symmetry gives an illusion of length to the fingers. Most of the brilliant oval diamonds are in the size of 1.33 to 1.66. The ratio between the length and width of the diamonds, determine their beauty and elegance.


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Marquise Diamond Shape



An elegant oval with tips coming together at one point form the elegant marquise shape. This will create an illusion of lengthier fingers. A shape that could mimic the smile of his Marquise de Pompadour- Marquise is very popular for engagement rings. This is a perfect shape for a solitaire.



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Cushion diamond Shape


This shape is similar to a square, but the sides have been rounded. It is a classic blend of Old Mine Cut and many other modern cuts. Old Mine Cut is an antique style cut with large facets. This shape reflects brilliantly even under low lighting. This is also sometimes known as a softer emerald shape due to the brilliant or step cuts.


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heart-shape-diamond 2

Heart Shape

The heart is the symbol of eternal love and diamond shapes that fall into this category have a pear shape with a cleft or notch at the top. A skilled craftsman can shape a good heart shaped diamond. J-color diamonds in heart shape is an exceptional one. You can notice the colours in the corners of the stone. Find stones that have even shapes and outlines that are well-defined


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A teardrop or a drop of water, this pear diamond shape is a perfect blend of Oval and Marquise. This is a diamond shape that is chic and sophisticated along with oozing a delicate feel. This sparkling teardrop accentuates small or average length fingers. This is a perfect option for rings, pendants and earrings.


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This particular diamond shape is rectangular with clear cut corners. This is a step cut diamond, with concentric flat planes resembling the steps or stairs. This cut of diamond has a old charm elegance to it. Choose the emerald cut diamond carefully by checking its clarity and color.

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A princess cut usually is in a square or rectangular form with many sparkling facets. This is the second most popular shape. The corners have 90 degree angles for maximum light reflection. This is the best cut for solitaire rings. This cut is flattering to women with long fingers. You might even think of embellishing this diamond with triangular ones on the sides. You can see high brilliance in stones with more depth and weight in this shape.

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This diamond shape is a combination of emerald’s elegance and round cut’s brilliance. It is usually seen in square or rectangular shapes. The reflection in this shape is truly radiant, and has around 70 facets to maximize its color refraction. This shape is ideal for people longing to have the illusion of petite fingers along with a lighter effect.


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